Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring

Authors: S R Vishwanath, Chandrashekar Krishnamurti
Year: 2008
Publisher: Sage Publications
ISBN: 978-0761935865
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This book covers the entire spectrum of activities in a typical merger transaction—starting from searching for candidates to closing the deal. It is designed to be a rigorous yet relevant book on mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructuring for students, research scholars and practitioners of finance.

The key features of the book include:

– Rationale for diversification via acquisition, searching for acquisitions, valuation of publicly and privately held companies, design of consideration in acquisitions, cross-border acquisitions and empirical evidence on mergers.
– Various forms of corporate restructuring like spin-offs, carve outs, targeted stocks, reorganization of debt contracts, lay offs and downsizing are covered.
– There is also a summary of the research conducted in this subject over the last 20 years.

Table of Contents

PrefaceDiversification via AcquisitionSearching for AcquisitionsValue Drivers and Target ValuationValuation of Privately-held CompaniesReal Options Analysis in Mergers and AcquisitionsDesign of Consideration in Acquisitions: Cash and Stock OffersAccounting and Tax Factors in Mergers and AcquisitionsCross-Border AcquisitionsThe Empirical Evidence on MergersTakeover DefensesSpin-offs, Equity Carve-outs and Targeted StocksBankruptcy and ReorganizationEmployee Share Ownership PlansIndex

Sage Publications 978-0761935865

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