Negotiation Excellence: Successful Deal Making

Authors: Michael Benoliel
Year: 2014
Month: November
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 978-981-4556-94-1
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Negotiation Excellence: Successful Deal Making is written by leading negotiation experts from top-rated universities in the US and in Asia and its objective is to introduce readers to the theory and best practices of effective negotiation. The book includes chapters ranging from: preparing and planning for successful negotiations; building relationships and establishing trust between negotiators; negotiating creatively to create mutual value and win-win situations; understanding and dealing with negotiators from different cultures; to managing ethical dilemmas.

In addition to emphasizing the link between theory and practice, the book includes deal examples such as: Renault–Nissan alliance; mega-merger between Arcelor and Mittal Steel; Kraft Foods’ acquisition of Cadbury PLC, Walt Disney Company’s negotiation with the Hong Kong government; and Komatsu, a Japanese firm’s negotiation with Dresser, an American firm.

Following the success of the first edition, the second edition re-emphasizes the spirit of linking theory to practice with two new chapters on emotions in negotiation and the Indian negotiation style.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Adding Value through Negotiation

Planning and Preparation for Effective Negotiation (Meina Liu and Sabine Chai)

Setting (and Choosing) the Table: The Influence of the Physical Environment in Negotiation (Graham Brown)

Negotiation Approaches: Claiming and Creating Value (Jill M Purdy)

Creativity in Negotiations (Joachim Hüffmeier and Guido Hertel)

Social Capital in Negotiation: Leveraging the Power of Relational Wealth (Ariel C Avgar and Eun Kyung Lee)

Trust Building, Diagnosis, and Repair in the Context of Negotiation (Donald L Ferrin, Dejun Tony Kong and Kurt T Dirks)

Power and Influence in Negotiations (Min Li and Julie Sadler)

Power and Influence in Sales Negotiation (Ababacar Mbengue, Joël Sohier and Patrice Cottet)

Negotiation Strategy (Brosh M Teucher)

Personality and Negotiation (Alice F Stuhlmacher and Christopher K Adair)

Judgment Bias and Decision Making in Negotiation (William P Bottom, Dejun Tony Kong and Alexandra A Mislin)

The Role of Gender in Negotiation (E Layne Paddock and Laura J Kray)

Mindfully Managing Emotions and Resolving Paradoxes in the Context of Negotiations (Shirli Kopelman, Ramaswami Mahalingam and Ilan Gewurz)

Physiology in Negotiations (Smrithi Prasad and Jayanth Narayanan)

Understanding Negotiation Ethics (Kelvin Pang and Cynthia S Wang)

Navigating International Negotiations: A Communications and Social Interaction Style (CSIS) Framework (Nancy R Buchan, Wendi L Adair and Xiao-Ping Chen)

Building Intercultural Trust at the Negotiating Table (Sujin Jang and Roy Chua)

Indian Negotiation Style: A Cultural Perspective (Michael Benoliel and Amrit Kaur)

Negotiating the Renault–Nissan Alliance: Insights from Renault’s Experience (Stephen E Weiss)

The Arcelor and Mittal Steel Merger Negotiations (Gregor Halff)

The Emotional Underbelly of Collaboration: When Politics Collide with Need (Daniel L Shapiro)

The Role of Negotiation in Building Intra-Team and Inter-Team Cooperation (Helena Desivilya-Syna)

The Role of Communication Media in Negotiations (Shira Mor and Alexandra Suppes)

Negotiation via (the New) Email (Noam Ebner)

World Scientific First 978-981-4556-94-1

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