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Beyond the Field: Exploring the Business of Sports in M&A


Explore the transformative journey that mergers and acquisitions activity is bringing to the sports industry.

The Institute for Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances (IMAA) dataset on the M&A activities of the sports industry meticulously showcases aggregate data on number of deals and value of deals from 1985 to 2023. The dataset comprehensively covers various segments of the sports industry, encompassing Professional Sports Clubs, Sports Agents, Sports Instruction Services, Sports Promoters, and Sports Teams. The dataset further offers valuable information on valuation metrics such as Enterprise Value to EBITDA and Enterprise Value to Revenue.


This data, spanning nearly four decades, is crucial for understanding the evolutionary trends within the sports industry. Analysts and decision-makers can leverage this historical data to identify patterns of market activity, stagnation, or decline. Such insights are invaluable for timing market entries or exits, allowing sports organizations to strategically position themselves in a fluctuating market. Understanding these patterns ensures that investments and operational strategies are not only timely but are also informed by a rich historical backdrop.

At a Glance: M&A Activity in the Sports Industry from 2021 – 2023

2021 M&A Activity

Overall Transactions

Overall Value

284  Deals

USD 62.35 Billion

In 2021, the sports industry showed considerable M&A activity, with 284 transactions amounting to USD 62.35 billion. This demonstrates the sector’s continuous appeal to investors and its steady alignment with digital transformation trends and global sports franchise investments.


Since 1985, the sector has witnessed 5,724 M&A transactions totaling USD 1.7 trillion, illustrating the sports industry’s sustained and gradual growth trajectory.

2022 M&A Activity

Overall Transactions

Overall Value

263  Deals

USD 30.5 Billion

Compared to the previous year, 2022 observed a decline in volume of deals, by 7%, and a minor increase in value of deals by 51%.

2023 M&A Activity

Overall Transactions

Overall Value

223  Deals

USD 22.6 Billion

In contrast to 2022, this year showed a notable decrease of about 15% in the number of deals, the value of deals seeing a significant decline of roughly 26%

Download the IMAA Dataset on M&A Activity in the Sports Industry (1985 – 2003)

IMAA’s dataset on the M&A activities of the sports industry is a vital asset for understanding the sector. It provides a comprehensive historical overview, essential for informed decision-making and strategic planning by stakeholders. This dataset is more than a collection of figures; it is a fundamental resource for understanding market trends, aiding in informed decision-making and strategic foresight. It equips users with essential data to benchmark current activities against historical patterns, shaping the strategic direction of the sector.

Sports Industry M&A Activity Dataset

Annual and Monthly Deals

Deal Multiples (Enterprise Value/ EBITDA)

Deal Multiples (Enterprise Value/ Revenue)

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