Essentials of Mergers & Acquisitions



The Essentials of Mergers & Acquisitions module offers a systematic and profound foundation for preparing and executing transactions in real life. The forms and methods of various deal types are explained in depth and examples for each category are provided. For the M&A process we discuss step-by-step what it takes to acquire or sell businesses as well as the different roles people play (as internal staff or external advisors) and how to orchestrate them.

The motivations and reasons why companies or investors get involved in deal making can be quite different but should be grounded in M&A strategies where the different options and tools are elaborated. As M&A activity is rather volatile we explore the historical development and key drivers with a perspective to understand the optimal timing for arranging great deals. Finally this modules provides and introduction to the most important ways how to evaluate companies.

This Essentials of M&A course can be taken standoline or is the foundation to all of our M&A certification programs:

Course format:

  • Lectures, videos and additional readings.
  • Mentoring by the faculty members through the whole course.
  • Around 25 hours of study

Testing format:

  • Testing after every sub module
  • Real-life business cases
  • Multiple-Choice exam

Grading format:

  • No public grading.
  • After submitting each assignment you receive personal feedback within 48 hours.
  • You can retake every assignment as often as you like. No additional fees.

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