Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable by Tim S. Grover – IMAA M&A Book Recommendation

Becoming the Michael Jordan of M&A In the competitive world of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), success isn’t solely determined by financial acumen and market knowledge. It requires a mindset that sets you apart from the competition—a mindset of relentless determination. Tim S. Grover, renowned for his 15-year training partnership with the basketball legend Michael Jordan, … Read more

The Ride of a Lifetime by Disney CEO, Bob Iger – IMAA M&A Book Recommendation

Preview: Dive into the multifaceted world of mergers and acquisitions through the lens of Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger. This comprehensive review explores key insights from Iger’s influential book “The Ride of a Lifetime,” unpacking his exceptional leadership strategies that have transformed the entertainment industry. From managing acquisitions like Pixar and Marvel to espousing principles of … Read more

What You do Is Who You Are: How to Create Your Business Culture by Ben Horowitz – IMAA M&A Book Recommendation

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are complex procedures involving the consolidation of two or more organizations into one. Despite the importance of financial and strategic considerations, the human element frequently determines the success or failure of such endeavors. In his book “What You Do Is Who You Are,” Ben Horowitz examines the significance of culture and … Read more

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