29 February

on 12:00 UTC+1

Free Webinar: ChatGPT Prompting for Legal Professionals



Henrik Hjertstedt
General Counsel / Commercial Director at Cetes Cosmetics
Boas Loeb
David A. Bloch
CEO & Co-Founder Legartis

Enhance your legal practice using ChatGPT with Legal AI and ChatGPT experts

Legal and M&A professionals are tasked with the challenge of integrating advanced tools like ChatGPT into their practice, a key step in enhancing both efficiency and accuracy. Our free webinar, ‘ChatGPT Prompting for Legal Professionals,’ led by distinguished legal AI and ChatGPT experts, serves as an ideal platform to acquire mastery over these innovative technologies.


Regardless of your area of expertise in law, be it transactional, M&A law, or other legal domains, this enlightening session will provide you with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively utilize ChatGPT. It’s an opportunity to ensure your practice remains at the cutting edge of legal innovation.

Why is it important for those in the legal profession to learn how to use ChatGPT?

In the fast-paced realm of legal practice, especially in areas as critical and detailed as M&A, the introduction of language learning models like ChatGPT marks a significant shift. These models, surpassing traditional tools, are transforming how legal professionals interact with technology. They provide powerful support in tasks like legal research, document drafting, and case analysis by understanding and generating human-like text. This isn’t just a technological upgrade; it represents a paradigm shift in legal workflows, significantly enhancing the precision, speed, and quality of services provided.


For legal practitioners, including M&A specialists, adapting to these models is crucial to maintaining a strategic advantage. The use of AI-driven tools like ChatGPT is essential for boosting productivity, minimizing human error, and maintaining competitiveness in a technologically evolving field. For today’s legal professionals, mastering AI is not just about staying relevant; it’s about leveraging the tools that define the future of the industry, where efficiency, accuracy, and insightful strategy are key.

What are the details of this free webinar on 'ChatGPT Prompting for Legal Professionals'?

Here is the need-to-know information about our upcoming free webinar:

When: February 29, 2024
Where: Live Streamed via LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook
Time: 12:00 PM CET | 6:00 AM EST

Duration: 1-hour

What are the benefits of attending this free webinar on 'ChatGPT Prompting for Legal Professionals'?

By participating in this free webinar, you’ll enhance your knowledge and develop practical skills for using ChatGPT in the legal field:


  • An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models (LLM):
    Delve into a comprehensive crash course on Large Language Models. You will gain a deep understanding of LLMs, explore Foundational Models, and recognize the most prominent ones. By the end of this introduction, you will be familiar with the training processes behind these foundational models.
  • The Principles of Prompting: What to Consider When Writing Prompts
    If you’ve been unsatisfied with outputs from ChatGPT, this segment is crucial. How can one improve these outputs? What should be considered when crafting prompts? We will provide an extensive overview of the essential principles of effective prompting, illuminating how to customize prompts for better results.
  • Prompting Examples: Real-Case Scenario for an M&A Situation
    Experience a real-life application and demonstration on how to utilize ChatGPT in your legal practice. We will guide you through the nuances of prompting, showing how to address complex legal queries effectively using ChatGPT.
  • Outlook: The Future of AI in the Legal Field
    Explore the world of Legal AI and its current capabilities. Understand what’s achievable today and what the future may hold.

In this webinar, you’ll develop a profound understanding of ChatGPT’s prompting capabilities, enabling you to harness its full potential with ease.

Who are the expert speakers for this ChatGPT prompting webinar for legal professionals?

We’re excited to introduce our esteemed speakers from Legartis for our upcoming free webinar:

Henrik Hjertstedt

General Counsel / Commercial Director at Cetes Cosmetics

Henrik Hjertstedt was the General Counsel of a multinational and brings with him over 15 years of seasoned experience from law firms and in-house roles. Henrik is not only the author of the book “No Cost Contract Automation,” but also the innovator behind, a platform that stands at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence within the legal sphere. Henrik is guided by the belief that AI will not replace, but rather supercharge lawyers, and foresees an era where this technology becomes an indispensable partner in legal practice.

Boas Loeb
Co-Founder of

Boas Loeb is an experienced AI and data product manager with extensive experience the fields of legal AI and legal tech. He combines experiences from various legal tech startups as well as large law firms and government agencies. Currently, he is pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with generative AI in the coaching space. He co-founded the platform to make AI coaching accessible anytime, anywhere, and to anyone.

David A. Bloch

CEO & Co-Founder of Legartis

David A. Bloch, a former lawyer at a leading Swiss law firm, brings a wealth of experience from various legal areas. He is the CEO of Legartis, an award-winning Legal AI platform for AI-assisted contract review. David is the co-founder of the think tank foraus and has been Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum since 2014. As a pro in the area of Legal AI, he specifies the right questions about ChatGPT.

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