15 November

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Free Webinar: How to Value Small & Medium Enterprises




Alex Harris
VP of Marketing at Valutico
Max Lahrmann
Valuation Consultant
Greg Brown
Director and UK & Ireland Country Manager

Enhance your valuation expertise for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in an in-depth webinar session with special guests from Valutico.

For those who have encountered a disparity between valuation theory and the practical challenges of appraising the worth of an SME, this webinar is tailored to bridge that gap.

If you are an SME owner, a business consultant, a financial analyst, a business valuation analysts, financial advisor, investment bankers, students and academics in finance and Business, join us in unlocking the secrets of proficient SME valuation, enabling you to navigate through financial, strategic, and investment decisions with enhanced acumen and foresight.

Why is learning how to value small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) important?

In the financial landscape, appreciating Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) goes beyond numbers. SMEs are the driving force behind economic growth, creating jobs and fostering stability. Valuing them means recognizing their vital role in our economy.

SMEs spur innovation, provide better products at lower costs through healthy competition, and offer risk diversification for investors. They are deeply connected to local communities, nurturing entrepreneurship and sustainability. By understanding and supporting SMEs, we not only enhance our financial wisdom but also contribute to a more resilient, competitive, and responsible economic future.

Learning to value Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is essential because it helps us make informed decisions, whether we’re investors, entrepreneurs, or simply seeking a better understanding of the business world. It enables us to make smarter investment choices, plan strategically, and manage risks effectively. Additionally, it deepens our appreciation for SMEs’ pivotal role in economic growth, innovation, and job creation, allowing us to actively support their development, enhance our financial knowledge, and contribute to overall economic well-being.

What are the details of this free webinar on SME valuation?

Mark your calendars! Here is the need-to-know information about our upcoming free webinar:

When: November 15, 2023 
Where: Live Streamed via LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook 
Time: 12:00 UK | 1:00 PM CET

What will you gain by attending this webinar?

By attending this free webinar, you will acquire enhanced knowledge and practical skills in SME valuation including:

  • Bridging the Theoretical-Practical Gap: Understand the art of connecting theoretical valuation concepts with the practical realities of valuation
  • Identifying Influential Factors: Gain a comprehensive grasp of the pivotal factors that significantly impact SME valuations.
  • Accurate Valuation Considerations: Learn the key considerations that underpin the precision of SME valuations, ensuring that your assessments are both reliable and meaningful.
  • Leveraging Technology for Precision: Explore the utilization of advanced technological tools to expedite and enhance the accuracy of SME valuations.

Who are the speakers for this valuation webinar?

We’re excited to introduce our esteemed speakers from Valutico for our upcoming free webinar:

Alex Harris, VP of Marketing at Valutico

With a background in decision sciences, Alex Harris leads the marketing team at Valutico where he helps communicate the complex world of valuations to finance professionals around the world. He helps the team to deliver essential valuation concepts and practical guidance in engaging and memorable ways that empower finance professionals to perform optimally.

Max Lahrmann, Valuation Consultant

With a background in M&A and business valuations, Max Lahrmann has helped support countless professionals to improve the accuracy and validity of their valuation reports. Working in Valutico as a Valuation Expert for the past three years, he leads Valutico’s valuation training sessions and supports professionals in solving a wide range of valuation issues. With a deep understanding of valuation principles and the use of Valutico's advanced tools, Max assists businesses in achieving accurate and informed valuation outcomes.

Greg Brown, Director & Country Manager for UK & Ireland

Greg Brown specializes in helping better understand a finance professional’s challenges and pain points when it comes to valuation work and then potentially showing them a better way of doing things. As Valutico’s VP Sales, Greg has helped countless businesses at home and abroad improve their valuation processes and speed, by taking advantage of Valutico’s powerful flagship valuation system to bolster their own valuation offering. He comes from a Finance orientated background having operated successfully and held senior level roles at IBM, Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services, Equals Money Plc and

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