Any prediction on Energy industry M&A deals going forwards?

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    Po Huang

    Hi Everyone,

    Appreciate everyone’s input on any prediction on the overall M&A trend going forward considering high energy price, global supply disruption, and the expected increase of US Interest Rates by Fed to slow down the inflation, and stock market correction..etc. Do you know any industry will have more M&A deals versus other industries? Thanks for the input.



    I would guess that many of the mom and pop shops in Houston area will be consolodated as big oil continue to focus less on new exploration and just continue to make money from existing oil resources. Oil is not going away, but R&D and Investment will go increasingly to Green Energy, CArbon Capture, or cleaning up the carbon footprint of Oil and GAs companies. EOR (enhanced oil recovery) seems to be a big topic now. Key technologies will continue to be M&A targets for big oil, but the legacy technologies will either be acquired by existing companies in that space, or die off.

    Just my thoughts after spending some time in the space.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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