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    What is it do you like about working in M&A function?

    I am fascinated how M&A is enabling the strategy, connecting all stakeholders, contributing to the results.

    Oscar Chang

    I like M&A due to the ability of an M&A transaction to quickly expand a company’s operating and commercial capabilities that are otherwise not possible organically. Working in such a dynamic environment will allow for high level thinking and overview of a company.

    Clarence Yeo

    M&A allows me to get exposed to basically all aspects to a business transaction / deals, particularly during the due diligence phase. It’s like a blend of financial, operations, strategy, and legal aspects of a job that you won’t get to find in any other specialized finance role, unless you are in top management level or entrepreneur roles. It trains you to be an all-rounder professional, and with good exit opportunities too.


    M&A as a career offers opportunities for high-level strategy, a diverse range of work, advancement, financial rewards, and networking.


    Choosing a career in M&A can be interesting for various reasons. For example some key items to consider:
    1) Variety and Challenge: M&A deals involve complex financial transactions, negotiations, due diligence, and strategic analysis. Each deal is unique, presenting new opportunities to learn and grow.
    2) Financially beneficial: M&A professionals are often well-compensated
    3) Impact: M&A deals can significantly impact the strategic direction and growth trajectory of companies
    4) Dynamic and Fast-Paced: M&A activities often operate in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. Deals need to be executed efficiently and effectively.


    Challenging and rewarding work: M&A work is often challenging and can be some of the most important decisions that companies make

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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