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    What are some of the strategies you have seen used to explain a merger where a larger global company purchases a national one? Specifically, what kind of cultural integration techniques have you seen used?


    In our case we bougt a company in poland, while the parent company was mainly active in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. The polish company was only focussed on the polsih market, but had good skills with a cultural fit.

    From my perspective it´s part of the change management to explain the “why” and this will be found in your identified synergie areas (Commercial synergies, delivery, etc).
    (Communication) Techniques were: our quarterly meetings are now in english. In the beginning a little bit strange, but it makes even the buyer side feel more international.

    But nevertheless, the strategy needs to fit to your aquired company. Many strategies and tactics might help.

    Kyle Froling

    We completed a Business Process Impact Analysis to capture all the core business processes for each department, who is the SME for that process, which systems they use and the level of impact to understand where the “biggest change” is. We then use that information to create a project team to build an Operational Readiness plan to help plan the integration and address the changes needed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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