Change Management Post Integration Timing

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    Although I fully agree with the benefits of proper change management during M&A, I find it very hard to do practice. Limited access to the prospect means we aren’t exposed to their culture and people until very late in the process. By that time, we’re often too far along to have their input influence the immediate post merger activities. This can damage relationships and cause distrust. Do other’s have the same challenge or does your process accommodate the timing?


    Hi Nicole, I agree -this is a major issue with my company. We are currently in the process of post-merger integration with other subsidiaries under our corporate umbrella. This is all pretty new on the current scale they are working with it on, so I can safely say they were not adequately prepared ahead of time and I was pulled into the process incredibly late. However, moving forward in this role, I plan to track this as a lessons learned and be sure this is something that is incorporated into the process much earlier so that this can be avoided in the future.


    Hi Nicole – I agree that this is conceptual best practice is a practical challenge. we have faced exactly the same challenges that you discussed in your original post. I’m currently working on updating and documenting our 100 day plan, and we were just discussing this dilemma. We don’t have the answer, but I think one way we are attempting to address this is to have these culture & people related topics inserted early in our plan…knowing that we may not be able to engage at the level that we would like early on. Hopefully, having those items on the docket will at least ensure awareness for all parties involved so that we can get information as soon as possible and/or account for lack of information in our integration planning process.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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