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    Ilze Skadina

    In your experience, what are the key HR initiatives in place to both preserve and evolve culture of both companies during times of change or expansion, when both had brought the success for the companies?

    Kyle Froling

    In my experience, holding townhalls with both executive leaders present to communicate goals, impacts, timeline and rationale behind the merger.

    Soliciting feedback from both companies through surveys, open door policies or email will make the two companies feel valued and help you with lessons learned.

    Orientation and Onboarding activities with a white glove approach to help guide all levels of EE.

    Being flexible and having the ability to adjust if things are headed in the wrong direction.


    Leadership (with HR) need to show strong accountability in bringing organisational cultures together and conserving the best cultural practices from both companies. Realistically, when a target is acquired by a larger acquirer, it’s often the case that the target will start to conform with the acquirers culture over time.

    HR initiatives that can help are regular and transparent communication at all levels and on multiple topics surrounding the M&A (esp. during the first 100 days), high frequency of updates, sharing progress and successes, team building events to foster engagement between new colleagues, solving any personnel issues quickly (especially dealing with any bad eggs) and making sure that both groups are aligned around shared goals (and incentivised as such).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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