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    Ian L

    Hi all,

    What are your thoughts on the growing importance of ‘science’ based Commercial DD and do you agree it is becoming less of an art and moving more towards a purely quantitative exercise. Unlike the FDD and Operational DD which have always been quantitive and looking backwards whereas in my experience Commercial DD historically has largely leaned towards qualitative projections. Have you found this is changing with higher expectations on numbers and less on strategy?

    Many thanks

    Meshal Alshammari

    I agree with you on this point, Commercial DD can lean on some financial figures but ultimately it has to come back to the strategy of the company and their envisaged plans going forward

    Jerome Baumgartner

    When looking at the CDD presentation and the big data activities connected with the social networks assessment, I am however wondering if some fraudulent manipulations could be produced to impact the ability of the CDD team to produce a fair assessment. This source of data is much more fluid than the traditional ones and should be carefully considered.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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