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    Do companies engage in ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) sustainability to please shareholders ?
    Do senior management have KPI for ESG ?

    Pang Lai Li

    Companies don’t win over investors just by issuing sustainability reports and engaging in other standard ESG practices. What they need to do, is integrate ESG efforts into strategy and operations for sustainable impact.


    It is a fundamental subject to consider but is often forgotten.


    In most companies I am aware of, ESG has now become not only part of KPIs, they have also become major elements of company bonus schemes and, in the case of executives, made their way into LTI programs. The market pressure for ESG has become a major factor in the success of companies, especially to those providing commodoties to customers.


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    Off course executive directors are briefed by their board on not only Objectives, specific initiatives and KPI’s but equally also on specific targets for KPI’s that matter very much to family shareholders as it helps us to prioritize initiatives & resource allocation.

    – Environmental Metrics: Waste Management, Water Usage
    – Social & Community Metrics: Workforce Diversity, Employee Satisfaction & Community Engagement

    Setting clear KPI’s also makes it easier to communicate performance and intentions to various.


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    Having been on the equity research sell-side, the asset management buy-side, and now the corporate side, I can tell you that ESG is still in many cases a tick-the-box exercise for many investors. While there are obvious benefits to being a good steward of the environment and a good actor with regard to corporate governance, as examples, most of these things were already being done in a responsible way by most publicly-listed corporate issuers and as such the new level of disclosure that is required by select investors (not all investors) is more often than not creating additional costs without actually changing corporate behaviour. I can tell you that the company I work for has for many decades done the right things in terms of community support, being a good steward of the land base and resources etc. We have expanded our DEI measures/practices and introduced emissions targets in recent years but largely what has changed the most is our disclosures related to all things ESG.


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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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