How does the IT team “merge” the company


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    Hi Everyone,

    Coming from an IT perspective, what has your experience been with the companies combining IT infrastructure, policies and processes?


    Hi Carmen,
    My perspective comes from working in IT and more specifically, on the PMI side in Biotech / Pharma. As expected, these firms have a mature IT department but resources aren’t necessarily skilled in M&A or those which were are no longer available. As a result, pharma firms frequently outsources the execution portion of M&A (Post Merger Integration) to companies which have an offshore presence while leaving the strategy portion to the well-known advisory firms. It is hit or miss whether the execution may be considered a success but the common theme is that IT is typically overlooked by business during due diligence which results in budget overruns and timeline delays as IT scrambles to deal with what they’ve been dealt. OCM is also left behind much more frequently than not which by extension means that gainco resources are often frustrated and confused despite leadership trying to keep everyone optimistic. Hope this addresses your question?



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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