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    HR integration plays such an important role during an integration and often the process fails to deliver up to expectations. HR has a dual role – a) as strategist putting in place all the key decisions that will set the tone for the culture and ways of working going forward and b) as service provider e.g. ensuring payroll works, contract and salary bands in place etc. This is the conundrum: it is hard for HR to be equally good at both. Either you are a great strategist but not so great at getting things done or vice versa. How does one solve for this?


    Hello, I believe that support of the HR team and well defined roles is crucial in these types of transitions – as well as communication to employees. I work at a small firm that was acquired by a corporate entity over a year ago. Our HR team consisted of only 2 individuals at the time of acquisition – a director and his coordinator. The director handled the big picture items – working with leadership and corporate to align policies and procedures, and maintain an overall handle over the company culture. The coordinator was more “in the weeds” so to speak – she handled the benefits transitions and hiring/onboarding details. Both individuals were a part of the overall integration team and reported back to leadership regularly on progress or issues. You are right – it is a delicate balance and not everyone is good at – or has time for- everything – and it requires constant support to ensure it goes well.


    I think a general answer is to hire some HR professional, if one not enough then two, who is (are) expert in the two areas.

    Beau White

    I think it is very important to establish a single landscape of roles and bands. By creating this associates can navigate fluidly through the organization. This could give you an opportunity to conduct a reorganization, resetting bands, promoting some, and rationalizing low performers.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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