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    What is the best way to promote from the target company when the acquiring company has strong leadership but you identify a stronger lead in the target company? How is this best handled?

    Sarah Miller

    I think involving both leaders in the integration process would give them equal opportunity to showcase their leadership skills and allow the acquiring company to assess both of their strengths and opportunities based on their performance. Maybe there is an option to consider a joint leadership approach, allowing them to utilize each other’s strengths and make the most out of their combined experience and expertise. Either way, I would recommend transparent communication. Good luck!


    When considering promoting someone from the target company to a leadership position, it’s important to approach the situation carefully and thoughtfully. The following steps can be taken to handle this situation:

    Conduct a thorough assessment of the individual’s skills, experience, and potential for success in the new role.

    Communicate with both the acquiring company’s leadership and the target company’s leadership to ensure that everyone is aligned and supportive of the decision to promote someone from the target company.

    Provide the necessary support and resources to ensure a successful transition, which could include mentoring, training, and access to key information and resources.

    Manage expectations for all parties involved, communicate any changes in reporting structure or responsibilities, and set realistic goals and timelines for the new leader’s performance.

    Monitor the new leader’s performance and adjust as needed, providing additional support or making changes to the role or responsibilities as necessary.


    Often acquirers are driven by a false sense of loyalty and therefore protect weak managers at the expense of better talent on the side of the target. It also presents the company to change management compositions in the interest of equity and diversity.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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