Is it possible to get a first job in M&A in mid-30 years old?

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    My question is quite basic … if you have 10-15 years of experience in various areas, could you start a new career in M&A in your late 30s?


    I got involved in M&A activities in 2015 after 6 years in various areas. After a few more M&A processes, we have developed a M&A team where I am a PMI Manager since 2021 when I was just hitting my mid thirties and 12 years in my company.


    Hello Alexandre:

    I don’t see why not if you have project management and change management experience from your previous roles and if you don’t, you can learn.


    I would agree with responses above. You can definitely start M&A career in your mid-thirties. Your previous experience (if relevant to M&A or at least to the business industry of potential acquisitions) can be very beneficial as it’d mean you are well-versed in different areas, and in my experience, this is extremely helpful in M&A


    I believe the age is not a limiting factor at all. The age and experiences in different areas is a great value for each company.
    A person who is always learning, developing skills, changing roles, showing ambition, contributing to the results? What do you need more? It is a perfect candidate for eny job, not only M&A. Head of Department, M&A, Project Management, deep dive expert…all the roles are possible. Just follow your interest.

    Clarence Yeo

    Nothing is impossible. I have seen a senior ranked M&A leader who has started late in M&A (in his late 40s) despite coming other finance-related field. All it takes was being dedicated to your interest and your overall professional development and direction (strategic fit), and be ready to take on the M&A job opportunity either internally in your office or externally, when it arise. Good networking would definitely helps too in this M&A industry.


    I think it is possible, under certain circumstances, to start a new career in M&A at age 30. For me personally, contact with online mediums helped me decide to change my career path and start doing something more inspiring. Supportive factors include the opportunity to learn new skills and quickly become comfortable in a new environment, as well as having the internal drive and motivation to change career paths. It is also important to have a mentor or someone who can support you in this decision to help you overcome any doubts or difficulties. Changing career paths can be an exciting and inspiring experience that will help you better understand your values and passions, and realize your potential in a new field. Contact with a medium helped me see that my true calling lay in the field of mergers and acquisitions, and I am confident that this decision was the right one for me.

    Ilze Skadina

    I don’t see any reason why not either. You might have to step back a tiny bit and start with asissting the deals. If you are ready to accept starting a new chapter, learn and digest – you will be on the appropriate level in no time.


    Definitely! As M&A comprises of and builds upon many different fields (Finance, HR, Change Management…) bringing previous Experience from such areas are a big plus.

    Ronald Mak

    Absolutely, your previous experience likely equipped you with transferable skills such as strategic thinking, financial acumen, leadership, and project management, which are highly valuable in M&A. If your prior experience spans various areas, you may bring a broad industry perspective to M&A, which can be advantageous in understanding the dynamics of different sectors. Years of experience would have honed your problem-solving skills, a critical asset in M&A where complex challenges are common.
    Connect with mentors or advisors who have successfully transitioned into M&A or have experience in guiding career changes. Their insights can be invaluable.
    Remember that career transitions are common, and the skills you’ve developed over the years are likely more transferable than you might initially think.

    Vishal Patel

    Short answer is yes! There is no set time of when you should or can enter M&A. It comes down to how your experience can compliment on the needs for an M&A. Majority of it is you learn from going through deals. There is no better way.

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