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    Glenn Choo

    How does your company structure the M&A Team? Is it marked under the Finance Team or a standalone “Group Strategy” Team?

    One challenge is how to get “whole of company” alignment across all the business units on the companies we are pursuing. Naturally, all business units will want to buy companies to prop up their numbers. So the M&A team needs to make the trade-offs and prioritize the investments. Any one with any insights or views on how to manage this?

    Ievgen Sheliekhov

    Hi! In my company we have CEO Project Office, part of which is M&A Department. When we start a new project, we form the project team from different divisions (finance, sales, legal, HR, operations, etc.) with the leading role of M&A manager. As to investment proiritization, we calculate target’s value, ROI, synergies and then present our results (along with DD and other issues) to the Board, who make the final decision.

    Jimmy Carrier

    How our side, we adapt the model to the type of integration we want.
    For example, if we just want to integrate corporate service (Finance, IT, HR) there is often someone in the finance team that take in charge the integration. That ressource still stay under Finance VP, but is recognize as integration manager for the time of the project trought the whole organization.
    Recently, we did a complete integration. That project was managed with Project Management Office, with steering committee and integration committee. There was also someone name Integration Manager that was from corporate on site and work closely with the project manager to make sure culture, people, process and system were well aligned, as well as target synergies for the integration to be complete.
    When the project is kick off, we built the multidiciplinary team of functional team that are required for the integration to be as success. The Integration Manager is the lead of the whole project, support by project manager to gage ressources capacities.

    Gauri Gupta

    Hi. In our company, M&A Team is an independent unit reporting to the Group ED. This unit provides support to the Board and the business segments as and where required. The decision on whether or not to pursue a particular target or M&A transaction is considered at the Board Strategy Committee and once cleared the M&A Team gets into action to take it forward. Initiation of a potential M&A could be from a business unit, a member of the Leadership team, a Director or even the M&A Team itself when presented with an opportunity.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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