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    In your org, how do you set up leadership over your Integrations Management Office? We are looking to establish a global “Head PMI” which will then continue to build a team of functional PMI leads in specific business units.

    Max Eager

    In organization’s that I’ve consulted with, we take a similar hierarchical approach:

    Global Head of PMI: This role serves as the central point of authority and coordination for all integration efforts. They are responsible for the overall integration strategy, timelines, and ensuring that the integration goals align with the corporate strategy.

    Functional PMI Leads: These are specialists in various departments like IT, HR, Operations, Finance, and in our case, Cybersecurity. They report directly to the Global Head of PMI and are responsible for executing the integration plan within their respective departments.

    Integration Management Office (IMO): This is the tactical team that supports both the Global Head and the Functional Leads. They handle the day-to-day activities of the integration, including project management, documentation, and communications.

    Steering Committee: On top of these, we have an executive-level steering committee that includes C-level members and key stakeholders. This committee provides oversight and approves major decisions, ensuring alignment with broader corporate goals.


    Thanks Max, this is very helpful and a nice detailed summary.


    I would concur with Max’s inputs. Similar to the structures we would setup and apply in past complex PMIs. Only addition I would add is that as part of the IMO team, we would ensure there is a lead for Org & Culture, and also another lead for Synergies. They would work closely with the functional PMI leads and the rest of the IMO to ensure all necessary integrations required on the human capital & culture side are smoothly taken care of, while also ensuring that maximum potential of synergies are captured post-merger across the entire org.

    John Bankson

    I would agree with both Max and Choon here. I would also add that when I think about leadership and integration, I think about both the leadership overseeing the integration but also leadership of the organization. Ensuring that leadership of the org is fully bought in and on board with the proposed integration leadership / structure is key to a successful integration. Additionally, to the extent that you can get firm leadership to “visually” show support for integration, either via email / comms, or town halls, etc., that goes a long way in getting employee buy-in and raises confidence…


    Timing is critical in the M&A project. It is important to bring risks and issues to the right level. Too many levels can deter decision-making and bring transparency to the process. It all depends on the culture and the size of the organization. But at the minimum PMO from each function reports into the IMO layer is needed.


    great summarize above, would just add that it’s often useful to have a centralized PMI time such as suggested, but to include individuals from the business units or target companies on the PMI time, usually as part of the IMO. A useful set up I have seen is to take a champions approach, which is to nominate invididuals directly on the ground to be members of the team, help provide context for decisions and to act as ambassadors for the program

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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