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    David Casado

    I would like to know how easy is in general to identify Public information in connection with the process description of completed M&A deals.
    In general I have found it challenging as most of the information published relates to the completed deal and not the different steps taken along the journey including timeline.

    Martin Tse

    Hi David, not sure you are going to find that information ‘Publicly’ as the acquiring company will only have a press release, but not detail how the process went or what the workflow was taken during the journey. I believe the process has some commonalities but it’s the ‘secret sauce’ that will stay with the M&A team and not advertised.


    Hi David. Martin is right. Most of the time the deal ‘detail’ you’re seeking is not made public. However, for those deals that require shareholder approvals and publication of a management information circular (common in Canada) you will often find a section disclosing some of the history of the deal process. I work for West Fraser Timber and one such document is posted on our website here:
    There is an entire section entitled The Arrangement starting on page 30 that walks through some of the deal history, mechanics of the process, etc., which you might find useful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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