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    When two organizations merge and integrate, How to create criteria on choosing which process, policy is best in which company and how to influence integrations team members to choose that?

    Dustin Delewski

    I think this is best done through current state process/policy mapping for each business via workshops. Once everyone is aligned on what current state is, then the team should map their ideal future state. The future state mapping should include customer value mapping. Then, it’s an exercise of understanding which pieces from each business fit best into the ideal future state. Another consideration are the system and IT infrastructure requirements to support the process. If each business has a different application (e.g., ERP), then the team should run an analysis of the systems and determine which system best fits with the ideal process while also considering the age of the application and maintenance and upgrade costs.


    I think that the best technology that can be integrated into the marketing process is email marketing. This is a time-tested tool that brings companies unique leads year after year and increases product sales, regardless of niche. Email marketing tools like improve their functionality from year to year, adapting to all the requirements of working with potential clients. The integration of such a tool into the marketing process will definitely bring success to the project.


    In my industry, when it comes to Sales and Marketing integration we look to the customer first – are teams calling upon the same customer? If so, you may have redundancy and can reduce headcount.

    Secondly, we look at what we want to sell to the customer – how complex is that product or solution? Can multiple products or solutions be sold? What skill set of the sales team is required to sell them? Typically, selling a solution, consultative sale or large cap equipment requires more advanced salespeople and so you have to take a look at whether you need to keep the acquired staff.

    Finally, culture and attitude – if the acquired staff are enthusiastic, willing to learn and are team players you could retain and retrain them to other roles in your organisation.


    To create criteria for choosing the best sales and marketing processes and policies during integration, the team should:

    -Evaluate and compare the sales and marketing processes and policies of both organizations
    -Consider the target customer segments and their needs
    -Determine which sales and marketing approaches align best with the new entity’s brand and value proposition
    -Communicate and collaborate with key sales and marketing stakeholders to ensure buy-in and alignment
    -Prioritize the sales and marketing processes and policies that are most critical for success, and create a plan to implement them.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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