Tactical M&A Book Recommendations (Non-Textbook)

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    Kyle Sigmund

    I’d love to continue learning about M&A, change management, and post-merger integrations after finishing this course. Do you have any non-textbook books that you’d recommend reading? Tactical would be preferred vs theoretical.


    I’ve been thinking the same so following this post.


    Take a look at Simon Sinek. The “start with why” movement is very powerful in the area of change management and many of our target staff has come back and said “i get it now!”

    David Casado

    Maybe a bit off topic, buy do you have a textbook recommendations though?


    Hi Kyle,

    currently I am reading a novel called Barbarian at the Gates talking about the RJR Nabisco offtake by the PE fund KKR.
    I found it really interesting and useful because it describes very well the negotiation phase and all the moves and incentives af all the stakeholders involved. Recommended!

    Brad Albert

    Agile M&A by Kesan Patel is pretty good. I also carry around a book called Making Mergers Work by Price Pritchett. I’ve found it valuable re-reading a chapter when I’m needing to dive deep into a particular topic that’s relevant to my work.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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