Why do you think Tax & Legal DD are important from the buyer perspective?

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    My understanding is that large MNC’s appetite for social responsibility to protect their brand, image and reputation hence there is a strong expectation to have tax and legal DD regardless of the size of deal. Basically it helps in reducing the risk of buyer unseen liabilities and risk exposures associated with a commercial deal.


    Legal to make sure you are not walking into legal battles when the deal is completed

    Saif Alnaimi

    it helps buyer understand the nature of a deal.

    Yiwei Lee

    In my view, Tax & Legal DD is key when acquiring / merging with a company, as the target could have certain tax / legal issues that might blow up and destabilize the MergeCo. It might even lead to unlawful conduct if the target is operating illegally such as conducting tax fraud


    It is essential to fully understand the jurisdictions the tax structure to avoid any future obligations that might affect the financial stability to the buyer

    Michel Kropf

    Tax and Legal DD are important for the buyer in order to mitigate risks and potential liabilities that will be transferred to the buyer.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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