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Welcome to your comprehensive source for the top global M&A deals of 2023. Our monthly breakdown is designed to keep you informed about industry movements as they respond to ever-changing consumer preferences, technological breakthroughs, and fluctuating market dynamics.

Industries We’re Monitoring Closely

  1. Consumer Products and Services: Stay ahead in a consumer-centric world.
  2. Software and IT: Witness how technology is streamlining business operations and consumer interactions.
  3. Media and Entertainment: Understand the mergers reshaping the way content is created and distributed.
  4. Healthcare Equipment and Supplies: Observe how technology and healthcare are merging to offer advanced solutions.
  5. Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology: See how M&A is pushing the boundaries of medical innovation.
  6. Energy and Power: Keep abreast of the global shifts towards sustainable energy solutions.
  7. Chemicals: Track how companies are forging partnerships to bring new materials and chemical solutions.
  8. Artificial Intelligence (AI): Explore the technology that’s revolutionizing every aspect of human life and enterprise.

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The Institute for Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances (IMAA), is a leading M&A Think Tank, committed to providing exclusive, data-driven insights in the field of mergers and acquisitions. Our dedicated research team routinely conducts rigorous analyses to furnish you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date M&A insights. As a trusted authority in M&A data and analysis, we take pride in setting the standard for excellence in M&A.


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We are the global no. 1 in M&A training and executive education. For those interested in the dynamic world of M&A, IMAA offers a valuable platform to stay informed. Whether you’re an experienced industry professional, an investor, or simply curious about M&A trends, our platform grants you access to the ongoing transformation of these vital industries.

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