11 October

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AI-Powered Strategies for Talent Integration in M&A




Aaron Chaum
Senior Principal, Mercer M&A Advisory Services
Julie van Waveren
Partner, Mercer M&A Business

Optimize HR Success in M&A with a Comprehensive Webinar on AI-Powered Approaches to Talent Integration, Featuring Experts from Mercer

Ever wondered how AI can help you manage talent during post-merger integration?

If you are an HR manager, M&A consultant, or organizational leader, our upcoming free webinar “AI-Powered Strategies for Talent Integration in M&A” will equip you with actionable insights and tools to streamline talent management and drive better results in your M&A initiatives.

Why is Learning about AI-Powered Strategies for Talent Integration in M&A Important?

In today’s competitive business environment, mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are becoming more frequent, especially as companies recover from the global pandemic. The role of Human Resources (HR) in this evolving landscape is more critical than ever. From the early stages of due diligence to the complexities of employee integration after a deal is finalized, HR is tasked with a host of challenges. These challenges often span multiple jurisdictions and require a deep understanding of various legal, cultural, and procedural nuances. As companies increasingly look to expand internationally, HR needs to be well-prepared to manage these complexities effectively.

This is where AI technology can offer a game-changing advantage to HR within the M&A process. Artificial Intelligence allows HR professionals to make smarter, data-driven decisions, both in the planning stages and during the critical post-merger integration stage. Whether it’s streamlining logistical tasks like contract management and payroll adjustments or more nuanced aspects like talent engagement and retention, AI provides actionable insights that can be a major asset. In a world where companies are continually seeking to extend their global footprint. The use of AI in HR strategy isn’t just a modern convenience—it’s rapidly becoming an essential tool for long-term organizational success.

What are the Details of This Free Webinar on AI & M&A Talent Integration? 

Mark your calendars! Here are the need-to-know information about our upcoming free webinar on AI and M&A:

When: October 11, 2023 
Where: Live Streamed via LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook 
Time: 11:00AM EST | 4PM UK | 5PM CET | 11PM SGT

What Will You Gain by Attending This Webinar? 

By attending this free webinar, you’ll walk away with AI-powered actionable strategies to improve your talent retention during post-merger integration including:

  • AI-Driven Talent Retention: predict which employees are most likely to leave, allowing proactive retention strategies to be put in place.
  • Skill Inventory: utilize AI to create a comprehensive inventory of skills across the combined workforce, identifying both overlaps and gaps.
  • Personalized Onboarding Plans: Leverage AI to create personalized onboarding plans for employees joining from the acquired company, speeding up their time-to-productivity.

Explore AI’s impact on HR in M&A and unlock success in talent integration.

Who Are the Speakers for This AI and M&A Webinar? 

Introducing our esteemed speakers from Mercer for our upcoming free webinar:

Aaron Chaum, Senior Principal, Mercer M&A Advisory Services

Aaron Chaum is a seasoned M&A professional and advisor. His diverse portfolio includes managing the integration of global development teams in a $4 billion acquisition pipeline, leading a comprehensive global payroll transformation across 21 countries, and guiding brand transition strategies for highly-valued companies. He has also developed innovative data-visualization tools to enhance executive decision-making in talent acquisition. Aaron holds a BA in Mathematical Economics and an MBA in Strategy.

Julie van Waveren, Partner, Mercer M&A Business

Julie van Waveren specializes in leadership and talent assessment within the M&A space. Her unique background combines Business/P&L leadership with Talent Strategy consulting on a global scale. She collaborates with boards and executives to mitigate talent risks and ensure business growth both before and after deals close. Known for her strategic thinking and creative problem-solving, Julie also excels in sustainable investment and business sustainability. A mentor to high-potential diverse talent, she is certified in Compassion Cultivation Training and fluent in four languages.

Don’t miss this opportunity to upskill in your HR skills with AI-Powered strategies!


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