Operating Model Canvas

by Andrew Campbel Publisher: Van Haren Publishing (April 12, 2017)ISBN-13: 978-9401800716ISBN-10: 9401800715 More at: Operating Model Canvas Amazon (UK) Amazon The journey from strategy to operating success depends on creating an organization that can deliver the chosen strategy. This book, explaining the Operating Model Canvas, shows you how to do this. It teaches you how to … Read more

Carve-out-Transaktionen – Recht, Steuern und Bilanzen bei Ausgliederung und Verkauf von Unternehmensteilen

edited by: Thomas Lappe and Volker Gattringer (2016)
Publisher: C. H. Beck

Carve-out-Transaktionen sind eine Form des Unternehmenskaufs, bei der – teils rechtlich selbständige, teils rechtlich unselbständige – Unternehmensteile aus dem Gesamtunternehmen bzw. Konzern des Verkäufers herausgelöst und an einen Investor veräußert werden.

M&A s in the Airline Industry: Emotions Flying High

by Mark Thomas and Christopher Kummer (2015)
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited Copyright © 2015

Mergers and acquisitions (M & As) are sensitive issues in most industries, but it would seem even more so in airlines. The list of failures or destroyed value in the sector is long. This article outlines three of the main reason why M & As can be a challenge in this industry.

Applied Corporate Finance

by Aswath Damodaran Publisher: WileyISBN: 1118808932 more at Amazon (US) Description Aswath Damodaran, distinguished author, Professor of Finance, and David Margolis, Teaching Fellow at the NYU Stern School of Business, has delivered the newest edition of Applied Corporate Finance.  This readable text provides the practical advice students and practitioners need rather than a sole concentration on debate theory, assumptions, … Read more

Applied Corporate Finance

by Aswath Damodaran
Publisher: Wiley, 2014

Like no other text of its kind, Applied Corporate Finance, 4th Edition applies corporate finance to real companies. It now contains six real-world core companies to study and follow.  Business decisions are classified for students into three groups:  investment, financing, and dividend decisions.

Mergers & Acquisition in Malaysia: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Approach

by Christopher Kummer, Franz Ferdinand Eiffe, Wolfgang Mölzer, Andre Gan, Teo Ee Von Publisher: Lexis Nexis MalaysiaISBN: 9789674002473Year: 2014 Description Mergers & Acquisition in Malaysia: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Approach is the perfect companion for businesses and professionals who require a better understanding of the M&A process in Malaysia. It is also a handy book for entry level legal … Read more

Mergers and Acquisitions – A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Approach

Mergers and Acquisitions : A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Approach is a field-proven guide that gives owners, entrepreneurs, top managers, consultants, auditors and lawyers a quick introduction to approaches and methods for the successful implementation of mergers and acquisitions.It summarizes the most accurate and understandable strategies, analytical tools and measures on corporate acquisitions and disposals including: Planning, … Read more

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